Admitting the truth of apartheid is the first step in the direction of a tranquil and democratic upcoming in Israel and Palestine.Ze ma–ze horid li mimenu –What he did definitely set me off – זה מה-זה הוריד לי ממנוAta margish et dfikot ha-lev – You are feeling the heart beats – אתה מרגיש את דפיקות הלבAn… Read More

Eize kef lekater al ha-matsav ha-kalkali – How enjoyable it is actually to whine with regards to the economic circumstance – איזה כיף לקטר על המצב הכלכליTa’im she-ein dvarim ka-ele – So delicious there are no things such as it – טעים שאין דברים כאלהAhead of Israel’s institution in 1948, some Jews … Read More

Ta’im she-ein dvarim ka-ele – So tasty there are no things such as it – טעים שאין דברים כאלהAnashim moridim sratim/aplikatsiot/shirim – People download films/apps/tracks – אנשים מורידים סרטים/אפליקציות/שיריםLakachti le-baali kazé – I took just one the same as this for my husband – לק… Read More

"Lo ichpat li" -- I don’t care -- is a really beneficial expression. It is actually employed for all things caring, like: "Would you even care?" and "You don’t treatment about me?" It is particularly beneficial with drama queens of all types.The phrase 'lidfok' in Hebrew would be to knock or hit. When you may think, it means some a lot more spe… Read More

Hello dafka oti, az ani edfok ota behazara – She “ruined” me, I’ll get again at her – היא דפקה אותי, אז אני אדפוק אותה בחזרהעיכוב בטיסה – פיצוי על ביטול טיסה – אוברבוקינג – רישום יתרShneynu nos’im ba-mchonit – We’re equally driving in the car – שני… Read More